Black Bat Plant Root

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This amazing plant starts out with a green bloom as a pup but as it grows older the bloom turns purple, black, maroon, brown, and bronze. A fantastic plant in pots indoors or on patios.

Typical height: 60 to 80cm
Minimum temperature tolerance: Tolerates light frost
Climate: Prefers tropical or subtropical climates, or warm protected positions in temperate climate.
Light conditions:  Part shade / shade
Growth habit: Clumping
Growing conditions: Moist well drained soil
Origin: Southern China and SE Asia


Tacca chantrieri produces the most unusual and striking flowers. The flower is black with long sinister tentacles hanging down wards. Its leaves are broad and about 40cm long. They are quite hardy once grown up but need to be nurtured over their first winter in cooler climates than tropical. Give your Bat Plant a real well drained potting mix with good moisture in the summer but keep just moist in the winter. They do not like the cold frosty weather outside so you will need a warm spot, under shelter or inside. Keep it under light to heavy shade.