Costus Bamboo Ginger Plant Root

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The real feature of this one is the spectacular ‘banded’ stems and long curly leaves. Bright red basal inflorescence. It’s quite rare that it flowers in cooler climates, but definitely still worth it for the foliage.

Synonyms (AKA): Snake Ginger
Typical height: 1.5 to 2m
Climate: Prefers tropical or subtropical climates
Light conditions:  Part shade
Growth habit: Clumping, upright
Growing conditions: Moist well drained soil, rich in organic matter
Flowers: Summer


Bamboo Ginger is a spectacular ginger with banded bamboo-like stems alternating chocolate brown with light tan. It has very thin curly graceful leaves that are fairly long giving it a somewhat bamboo appearance, hence it’s common name. The stems are used extensively in the tropical cut flower trade. The inflorescence is on separate stems from the base of the plant and are bright red with yellow contrasting flowers. They appear one at a time which look like snake’s tongue, inspiring it’s other common name. Bamboo Ginger is native to Costa Rica, cultivated widely as a pot plant.