Costus Insulin Plant Root

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Costus igneus is a perennial, upright, spreading plant growing to a height of 2 feet, with the tallest stems falling and lying on the ground.

Leaves are simple, alternate, entire, oblong, 4-8 inches long with parallel venation, spirally arranged around the stems.

(No returns/Not Refundable) Large, fleshy, smooth, and dark green leaves have a light purple underside.

Flowers are orange, 1.5 inches in diameter, on cone-like head at the tips of branches.

Fruits are green colored, less than 0.5 inch. Leaves are rich in protein, iron, ad antioxidant


Costus Igneus common name Fiery Costus, is a species of herbaceous plant in the Costaceae family native to eastern Brazil (States of Bahia and Espirito Santo) In India, it is known as insulin plant because of its use in Ayurvedic medicine for its purported anti-diabetic properties.

Growth and propagation

Spiral flag grows in either full sun or partial shade. It needs fertile soil and ample moisture, and is often planted near water. Propagation is by division of the clumps, cuttings, or by separating the offsets or plantlets that form below the flower heads. Mites and nematodes can be a problem, especially on light, sandy soil. The plant has no diseases are of major concern.