Costus Crepe Ginger Plant Root

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A great landscaping plant with stunning foliage and showy white flowers produced from red cones. Deciduous in cool climates.
Typical height: 1.5 to 2m
Climate: Tropical. Grows well in most parts of The Philippines.
Light conditions:  Full sun to part shade
Growth habit: Clumping, upright
Growing conditions: Moist well drained soil, rich in organic matter
Flowers: Summer


Cheilocostus speciosus differs from the common ginger by having only one row of spirally arranged leaves. The species reproduces vegetatively by rhizome, and birds disperse the seeds when they feed on the fruits.

This plant is cultivated in South Asia and Southeast Asia for its medicinal uses, and is cultivated elsewhere as an ornamental. In some areas Cheilocostus speciosus is introduced and has become an invasive species.

The habitat where this species is found is roadside ditches and low-lying areas in the forest. The flowering season starts after the rainy season, from October to December.